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Ultimo Clinic

offering yourself of rejuvenate and beauty treatment, Ultimo is a beauty and plastic surgery clinics that provide complete service to the concept of One Stop Beauty solution. Starting from skin beauty care, dental and aesthetic surgery, which is supported by the most advanced medical technology, an experienced specialist doctors, medicines that are safe, the products are high quality and comfortable clinic facilities.

Ultimo known as plastic surgery clinics for breast surgery, surgery of the nose and eyes, as well as liposuction. Besides offering plastic surgery, Ultimo also provide nonsurgical treatments such as Botulinum injections, injectable fillers, Ulthera, coolsculpting, latest laser treatments (Picosure tm) and lasers tightening and intimate rejuvenation for female. Beauty plenary also supported by teeth and a charming smile. For that Ultimo complete the services with a dental clinic dentist handled by renowned specialists. By providing services of teeth Bleaching, teeth whitening and veneers, dental implants, trims teeth or braces, as well as oral surgery. Ultimo is also equipped with a dermatologist who also deal treat with the skin of acne, acne scars, stretch marks, aging, hair removal and also eliminates the disturbing tattoos that are not desirable.

The clinic is located in a strategic area in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. Plastic surgery clinic was founded and developed by a plastic surgeon and specialist craniofacial international standard to ensure quality of care – the care given.

As a professional plastic surgery clinic who has handled thousands of clients from various parts of the expatriate and domestic, the ULTIMO Aesthetic and Dental Center, Your One Stop Beauty Solution, comes with the concept of exclusive and convenient to serve and care for your beauty and health.

“We believe Every One can be Healthy and Look Great”
Ultimo Clinic
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