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    Renita Sari

    saya tahu tentang Ultimo Clinic sudah lama dan ingin mencoba treatment tetapi selalu waktu jadi kendala. Sampai pada saat karena pertambahan usia kerut di kulit wajah tidak dapat dihindari lagi dan diperlukan treatment yang rutin & tentunya untuk perawatan wajah saya tidak mau sembarangan, memilih clinic yang sudah lama ada di Jakarta maka saya memutuskan untuk mencoba beberapa treatment di Ultimo. Lokasi yang mudah dilalui jalur saya pulang ke rumah, clinic yang menyenangkan, service yang OK dan alat-alat yang canggih. treatment yang disarankan juga sesuai dengan kebutuhan saya.

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    Puas banget dengan hasil yang aku dapatkan selama treatment di Ultimo Clinic. Sempat takut banget untuk melakukan filler tapi dengan dokter ternyata prosesnya tidak sakit sama sekali! Di Ultimo Clinic aku treatment Picosure & Exilis juga, aku jatuh cinta dengan treatment Picosure karena bikin kulit wajahku glowing dan warna kulitku sedikit demi sedikit terlihat rata

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    Caleb Gibraldo Eliezer

    I had an acne problems and also the acne scars, at Ultimo Clinic I’ve found the solution with the various treatment that offers, I’m happy with the result, now my skin is getting smooth.

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    Jeffrey Alvin Muljadi

    I’ve done teeth bleaching at Ultimo Clinic, I amazed with the result and I will do maintenance also the skin treatment that Ultimo offers.

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    Terry Thrasher
    Socialite & Woman Career

    All the treatments had been done at one place, so the patient unnecessary to move to a different room. With all of the treatment has been done, I feel fabulous.

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    Harumi Sudradjat
    Beauty Blogger

    I do the coolsculpting treatment for my tummy, and also other area such as my arms and tigh. The area that had been done the coolsculpting treatment is going smaller after 2 months. The maximum result that I’ve got, it’s so amazing, Thanks Ultimo Clinic.

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    Natalie Stewart

    The first time when I do consultation with dr. Enrina, I look how she is trust with the natural results, and this is so important for me. I don’t want that the results excessive and looks fake. I’m so happy with the face lift that I’ve done at ultimo clinic.

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