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Recognize the different of Various of Stomach forms

The stomach also has a type and form different shapes. Differences are usually caused by fat, pregnant, and so on. Want to know which type your stomach? dr. Enrina Diah SpBP said, fat is a major factor in the belly looks bumpy and uneven. However, the accumulation of fat is not the same, so the shape of a woman’s abdomen was different.

Here are six types of woman’s stomach and how to fix it:

  • Type 1 : The shape of a woman’s abdomen when the abdominal skin and muscles still slack, remains elastic, but there is little excess fat protruding below the navel area. “This condition is usually experienced by those who are not married, but do not keep feeding intake. Or, are married and gave birth to one, “said dr. Enrina.

How to fix: Because the problem is only a slight excess fat below the navel, belly shape of this type is quite improved with liposuction alone at the bottom of the navel.

  • Type II : Form of the belly when the lower abdomen a little excess, as well as fat below the navel. The stomach condition could change like that, because someone did not do diet and never exercise, as well as factors of pregnancy and childbirth.

How to fix: To improve the shape of the abdomen of type II, required liposuction with the disposal of skin through an incision below the navel about eight centimeters.

  • Type III : when the lower abdomen a little excessive. Similarly, the fat below the navel and there is slack muscles in the abdominal area, exactly below the navel.

How to fix: Improved form of abdominal type III, said dr Enrina, essentially the same as Type II. “However, the type III also needed tightening of the muscles which move away along the pubic bone to the navel. it takes about 10 centimeters, “explains Enrina.

  • Type IV: when excess abdominal skin and fat varies with slack abdominal muscles up and down the navel. “In addition to excess fat, belly shape type IV is also due to the age factor,” explained dr. Enrina.

How to fix: To improve the shape of the abdomen of type IV required disposal of excess skin while liposuction and tightening the muscles from top to bottom navel. The incisions about 12 centimeters.

  • Type V : when excessive amounts of excess skin, excess fat may also vary, while the muscles of the middle abdomen away from each other (diastasis) and there is a weakness in the muscular system. “Excess fat, often giving birth or due to aging can cause stomach at this type,” said Enrina.

How to fix: The shape of the abdomen of type V can be repaired with abdominal lipectomy comventional and complication or binding of muscle with an incision of about 20 centimeters.

  • Type VI : if the excess skin is very exaggerated, especially in the upper part of the navel. “Just as type V, type VI belly shape is also caused because of age, often giving birth, and breastfeeding,” said Enrina.

How to fix: Because of the type VI include severe, surgery is required of other types, such as abdominal lipectomy comventional, plus breast firming, reduction or augmentation.

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