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Make an Appointment

Below are detailed step-by-step to make an appointment through our website. Please click here to see the flow for Reservation.

  • Choose your desired date to do consultation
  • Click “Book Appointment”
  • If you have not created a profile yet, kindly register by filling your Name, Email Address, and Password. Once finished, please input your phone number and the purpose of your consultation. If you are registered user, please sign in and continue.
  •  Click “Request Appointment”, you will be directed to Consultation page.
  •  Choose your preferred doctor. 
  • You may need to choose a location for the doctors who are operating in many branches.
  •  The consultation fee will appear once you have selected the doctor and location. Please click “Add to Cart” to continue.
  • Once your book updated, click “View Cart” to continue. You will be directed to the cart page.
  •  On this page, you can apply coupons and update your order. To complete your booking process please click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You will be directed to the checkout page.
  •  Kindly input your name, phone number, and email address on the billing details. 
  •  Please double check your order. Once everything set, please select your preferred payment method.
  • Please make sure you have read all of the terms and conditions and refund policy. Mark the check button if you agree and click “Place Order” to proceed to checkout.

 You will be instructed based on your preferred payment method. Please follow the instruction and complete the payment. 

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