Breast Augmentation Surgery With Hybrid Technique

Breast Augmentation Surgery With Hybrid Technique

Breast Augmentation Surgery

With the technology we have today it is not difficult to get bigger breasts for adult women. With breast augmentation surgery, Ultimo Lovers can get the desired breast shape will instantly.

Ultimo Clinic has been trusted for more than a decade for breast enlargement surgery, the patients we handle are not only from Indonesia, many patients are from Australia, Singapore, America, UAE, and other countries.

The Hybrid Technique

The procedure for breast surgery takes only 1-2 hours. As the trend goes on, plastic surgery with the Hybrid technique is the most admired procedure because the results of this procedure look more natural.

To put it simply, the Hybrid technique is a combination of breast implants and fat addition.

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Who is the right candidate for this surgery?

Surgery fits for those who want to increase the breast volume or to lift the shrinking breasts, which generally are genetic factors. Breast augmentation surgery with the Hybrid technique aims to enlarge breasts with natural results, long-lasting elasticity, beautiful cleavage and improve the breast shape of patients who have Ptosis or sagging breasts.

Preparation Before Surgery

There are several conditions that need to be considered before deciding to perform breast augmentation surgery with Hybrid techniques are:

Choosing the right doctor

Choosing the right doctor is the most important factor. Aesthetic surgical procedures carry one or more risks, let alone adding foreign matter into the body. Therefore, we recommend our patients to consult with our doctor. It is very important for Ultimo Lovers to have a clear picture of the procedure from the plastic surgeon.

Determine the size and shape of the desired breasts

In determining implants, many things are worth noting. Like the shape of the chest, even the height, and shape of a person's body.

Correct surgical facilities

Ultimo Lovers must also ensure that breast augmentation surgery procedures are performed in the right place, advanced equipments, and clear Procedure.

Perform an examination before surgery

Surgery is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, Ultimo Lovers must be in good health. Patients must take a break from doing some of their habits before surgery, such as avoiding excessive alcoholic drinks, smoking, taking supplements or certain drugs. Before surgery, the patient must undergo ultrasound mammae and if the patient's age is more than 35 years old, it is necessary to do a mammography examination to examine breast health.

Plan your procedure

If you want to do breast augmentation surgery before marriage then plan the right time, we recommend that you can do it 1 or 2 months before the big day.

Or if you work for a company, we would recommend you to ask for leave during the healing of this operation. Usually, patients who have performed breast enlargement surgery only require 2-3 days of recovery time. However, the condition of each patient is different. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor to find the right time

Are Ultimo Lovers interested in breast augmentation surgery with the Hybrid technique? Make an appointment today and get a special price.

See you soon at Ultimo ^^

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