Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility

Business ethics is a way to conduct business activities, which covers all aspects relating to individuals, companies and also society. Business Ethics in a company can shape the values, norms, and behavior of employees and leaders in building fair and healthy relationships with customers/business partners, shareholders, the community through Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is a combination of principles and values that guide management to strive for both economic and social goals. It has become the main challenge many companies, Ultimo Clinic included, are facing in the 21th century. The implementation of corporate social responsibility or CSR is one of the manifestations of Ultimo Clinic’s mission to increase the franchise value and the value of stakeholders, where we strive to actively contribute to building community welfare.

In the past 10 years, Ultimo Clinic has been providing service in aesthetic surgeries and beauty environment. Therefore, as a sense of gratitude, Ultimo Clinic holds social service events that have been conducted in various places. The first event was started in 2014, Ultimo Clinic did provide free cleft surgeries for the community. Due to receiving much positive feedback from the community, Ultimo Clinic held cleft surgeries more frequently. Not only that, but we also held some events to provide free dental checkups for elementary students and free medical checkups. 

We realize that we grow together with the community and therefore we want to give back to the community. 

As a professional plastic surgery clinic who has handled thousands of clients from various parts of the expatriate and domestic, the ULTIMO Aesthetic and Dental Center, Your One-Stop Beauty Solution, comes with the concept of exclusive and convenient to serve and care for your beauty and health.

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