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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation| FAQ

Breast augmentation has been done for years but a large percentage of women just don’t want to have breast implants done because of the pain of the procedure or even the safety of the implants themselves. The fear of complication is what keeps many women from having the breast augmentation that will allow them to be more comfortable in their own skin.

Previous breast augmentation by injection of a woman’s own fat has a fat graft survival (retention) of 30% to 50%. In contrast, transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells with its unique mechanism produces a high graft survival of 70% to 80% and allows semi-permanent maintenance of breast conditions after injection. With the use of adipose tissue collected from each woman, transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells represents a highly safe treatment with no concern for rejection.

At Stem Cell Center Indonesia we have a great option for those women who do not want to take the risks associated with implants. The implants are simply not natural and pose an increased cancer risk to those who have them. Stem Cell Breast Augmentation is much different, the process includes taking fat out of the patients own body, often from their hips, thighs, buttocks or abdomen.

This fat is then mixed with stem cells to ensure that the stem cells will not be rejected by the body and will then be injected into the breast tissue of the woman. This procedure will achieve a much more natural looking breast.

Cell Therapy Buttock Augmentation| FAQ

Buttock enlargement is a popular cosmetic treatment for those who feel their behind is too flat or does not have enough lift. A buttock enlargement is intended to not only enhance the look of the buttock area, but offer it a better shape and lift. It also adds proportion to women who might have a larger breast size and feel that the buttock area is hindering their womanly proportions. As with many cosmetic procedures, the buttock enlargement offers women a renewed sense of positive appearance and higher self-esteem.

In the past, buttocks implants were the only real solution for women who were not satisfied with the shape of their buttocks. Today, Stem Cell Center Indonesia have another solution to enlarge buttock augmentation that uses Adipose-Derived Stem Cells techniques to move unwanted fat from other parts of the body for a firmer, more beautiful buttocks.

Cell Therapy Hair Loss Treatment| FAQ

Stem Cells Autologous Transplantation helps the weakened hair follicles to recover their vitality. This is a method that follows the natural way of hair growth. In Stem Cell Center Indonesia, the physicians perform Autologous Transplantation of your own stem cells that are harvested from your fat and are activated by specific technique before use. This hair treatment is absolutely natural and safe. There is no risk of side affects of other treatments such as allergic reactions, infection or irritation to the skin of the scalp.

The success of stem cell transplantation in hair restoration will :

1. Promote natural hair growth

2. Stimulate the weak or aged follicle

3. Increase circulation to hair follicles

4. Make hair follicle healthy and strong

5. Decrease inflammation

6. Stop the process of hair loss

7. Prevent from hair loss

8. Strengthen the existing hair

9. Regenerate hair and make it healthy.

Cell Therapy Hand Rejuvenation| FAQ

Most people focus on rejuvenating the face. But, even if your face looks years younger than your true age, your hands will give you away. Your hands receive the most sun exposure. They are among the first places to show visible signs of aging.

With temporary hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen injections, patients must return frequently for new treatments to maintain results, typically every six to nine months. What’s more, by using your own natural fat cells the risk of infection is reduced along with other complications that can occur when you introduce foreign substances into the body.

Stem Cell Center Indonesia can give you a Natural Hand Rejuvenation that uses your body’s own natural fat and stem cells to improve contour and restore fullness to create a more natural looking result that is long lasting and help your hands look years younger with less medical risk.


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