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Fly In Program

Fly in Program – Travel to Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center for Surgery & Treatment

As a professional clinic that handles thousands of local and expatriate clients from many countries, Ultimo Indonesia is your One Stop Beauty Solution comes with cozy, comfortable and private concept and treat your beauty and health well. Whether you are driving to Jakarta or travelling internationally, it is easy to make arrangements to have your surgery or treatment performed by our Team Doctors. Our staff is dedicated to our patients and will assist you in your travel plants.
For patients that travel to Jakarta – Indonesia for surgery, we recommend that you stay in town after your surgery so that we can take care of you should a complication arise. We would be happy to discuss hotel & ticket accommodations if needed.

Below is some General Information on travelling to Jakarta and where to stay during your recovery.

How long will I need to stay?
There are different timeframes allowed based on the type of surgery you are having. If you are having more than one of these procedures, then the longer time frame appliers. These time frames are as follows : Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, Reduction Malarplasty, Face Lift, Jaw Reduction and more …

Do not be worry we serve you private transportation including driver as long as you in Ultimo’s care.
– Travel by Air
We will help and arrange to buying a ticket for your travel to Jakarta to do surgery/treatment. And process payment include in 1 billing.

Where to stay?
There are many hotel choices located near Ultimo Clinic Jakarta also we will give you some optional to live with our Hotel partner.

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