What You Need To Know About Jaw Surgery

What You Need To Know About Jaw Surgery

Are you interested in Jaw Surgery? Do you want to get one but no idea where to find a clinic that has the best Jaw Surgery procedure in Asia? Let’s check this article out!

The beauty of a person’s face is not only influenced by the smoothness of the skin but what is also important is the structure of facial bones. A good and balanced facial bone structure will provide a proportional and attractive look. But unfortunately, not everyone is born with a proportional bone structure.

This structure is very influenced by race. Many people from certain regions have strong and wide facial bone structures. As for other areas, many have facial bone structures with protruding gums.

Today’s Caucasian race tends to want more prominent cheekbones, like those of the Asian race. In contrast, Asians tend to want less prominent cheekbones. With advances in medical technology, especially in plastic surgery, the structure of facial bones can be changed and improved to be more attractive with jaw surgery (jaw surgery).

Jaw Surgery in Asia?

For our patients in Indonesia, you do not need to fly far abroad, because our craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Enrina Diah, SpBP RE (KKF), has more than a decade of experience in jaw surgery. Ultimo Clinic also has virtual consultation for our patients that are coming from overseas. We have handled a good number of patients from overseas. We are confident to say that Ultimo Clinic is the best place for Jaw Surgery in Indonesia and even in Asia.

What is Jaw Surgery?

Jaw bone surgery or also known as jaw surgery can be done to correct imbalanced jaw shape or excessive growth of the lower jaw which results in disharmony of the lower jaw that appears more prominent. Facial bone surgery can also improve the shape of the chin, reduce the width of the cheekbones and lower jaw so that the face looks more oval.

Am I the right candidate to do Jaw Surgery?

The best candidates for this procedure are patients who have a prominent, square, or disproportionate jaw shape. Patients with teeth that are too prominent are also the best candidates for this operation.

What is the Jaw Surgery procedure?

Special preparation is required through consultation with experienced craniofacial plastic surgeons for this surgery. The initial consultation will usually discuss the patient’s concerns and what actions can be taken to improve it. Generally, this procedure is carried out with general anesthesia.

After that, the craniofacial plastic surgeon will make an incision from inside the mouth so that there is no visible surgical scar from the outside. After that, the reduction of the protruding lower jaw bone with a special surgical instrument. This reduction does not interfere with the teeth, because what is taken is the outside of the lower jaw bone with a prominent angle. After that, suturing is performed on the incision. Stitches need not be removed because they will be absorbed by themselves.

For prominent dental surgery requires special measures. This procedure requires orthodontic action before and after surgery. The gum bone will be partially removed and the upper and lower jaws can be rearranged. With the re-establishment of the jawbone, the face can appear more proportional.

How long does the Jaw Surgery take?

This operation requires approximately 2 to 4 hours.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of this procedure are pain, redness, numbness, and swelling. These effects are temporary and will recover for several weeks. While complications that may occur, although this is very rare, is the possibility of a bone infection, bleeding, swelling and infection. Therefore, it is best done by a craniofacial plastic surgeon.

How long is the recovery after Jaw Surgery?

Recovery varies greatly between patients. Patients will feel and look better in a relatively short time. However, in the first week, usually, they will feel swollen and painful, although this pain is minimal. The wound will heal within seven to ten days. The swelling will disappear and the face will look thinner after 2 weeks. The results of the jaw surgery are permanent and will increase the patient’s confidence in the dirt. After recovery, patients are advised to update the photo on their identity cards.


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Ultimo Clinic, as the best place for Jaw Surgery in Indonesia and Asia, is located in 4 locations around Indonesia namely Jakarta, Bali, Tanggerang, and Surabaya.

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