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Beauty Clinic: Tips on Choosing the Best Treatment Place!

Beauty Clinic

Which woman does not want to look beautiful and attractive? Almost no woman is indifferent to her appearance, especially the face. Yes, because the face is the main point that a person sees to judge a woman.

In order to get a beautiful face and flooded with praise, then the women in droves do facial treatment.

Well, self-care can be done alone by using cream, scrub, or traditional ingredients, can also be done at the beauty clinic.

Beauty Clinic

Of course the cost of care at the clinic is not as cheap as traditional treatments, but the results are more effective and instant.

But you need to note, does not mean that effective does not have side effects yes. Precisely treatment at the clinic has a 50% chance of failure. Yes, many women who care then the results are maximized, there is also a lead to failure.

This can also be called malpractice.

Well, what is the cause of the failure? Certainly many factors, can be from a less professional person to deal with skin problems, non-sterile equipment, unsuitable drugs, or sensitive skin with chemicals.

If your skin includes sensitive skin, it is better to avoid taking care at a beauty clinic, as it is quite likely to get serious side effects. Although the clinic already has a doctor who is certified, it is not a guarantee.

To minimize the bad things that can happen in facial care, you must be smart to choose a good clinic.

Today many clinics are mushrooming in the city center, even in small areas, but certainly not all clinics give the same results do not they? Even a person’s skin reaction when receiving the treatment is different.

So, it would be better to first met some clinics, do not you lose money.

Below are some things you should do before doing treatment at a beauty clinic, anything? Let’s see:
Ask Friend
Ask for a good and safe clinical recommendation from some friends. Usually a good clinic must be known to many people is not it? So it’s very important that you ask that question. if your friend ever tried it yourself, ask also the result, whether the treatment is successful or just the opposite.

After getting some recommendations, first filter the information, compare one clinic to another. Then, choose a clinic that you think is really guaranteed, can also be assisted with information from the internet.

Doctor of Beauty
In addition to choosing the clinic, you must, make sure that the doctor at the beauty clinic has been certified. Also make sure the doctor has experienced handling many patients and the results are satisfactory. This is necessary because not everyone who works in the clinic is a doctor. Most of them are just a therapist who does not know more about skin problems.

Once it is certain that a certified beauty therapist handles the treatment process, make sure that the physician is the one who resolves your problem from the beginning to the end of the treatment process. It is important to know, because some clinics do have a trusted doctor, but not all the process is done by the doctor, it is nurses or assistants who intervene.

Beauty product
Make sure the beauty product used has a marketing authorization from the Ministry of Health. Many products contain chemicals, it is legitimate, as long as not the level of use is not too high and does not harm the skin.

You will be given some beauty products that are used routinely from the beauty clinic. Well, thoroughly the product before use. Make sure the product has not expired and is still sealed tightly.

Recognize Profile of Beauty Clinic
This step can be done simultaneously from the step in the first point. Make sure that the clinic you are going to is in has a good reputation and pocketed a certificate from BPOM. Long standing clinic, known to many people, and has many branches, it can be said to have a good reputation.

Also ask someone who has already undergone treatment at the clinic, whether the results are satisfactory or otherwise. Although each patient’s experience is different, you can judge by the number of people who recommend and who do not recommend.

Clinical Conditions
Clinical physical condition can be a professional benchmark or not the clinic in dealing with patients. Do not do treatment in the clinic that looks dirty and not tidy, it could be the room and equipment used is not sterile anymore.

Prioritize clinics that are clean, comfortable hygienic, dust-free and have friendly service. You can also see how the doctor handles, whether using gloves or empty hands. Using gloves means handling more sterile, clean skin care and less likely to get infected.

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