Laser Hair Removal - A Painless Way To Remove Hairs.

Laser Hair Removal - A Painless Way To Remove Hairs.

Laser hair removal is one non-invasive procedure to reduce hair growth.

Hair has several benefits including to protect the skin from the heat. It grows in each pore of the skin and it is a way out for fatty fluid from the fat glands at the bottom of the hair. The fat fluid will flow through the side of the hair to lubricate the skin so that the skin does not become dry.

However, its presence on the body, for example in the armpits, legs, arms, even above the lips, for some women is very disturbing. Not only women, but sometimes some men also find that it is very disturbing, such as in the back, chest, and arms. Dense hair growth on the arms, legs, and above the lips is influenced by the androgen hormone (a hormone that is usually abundant in men) that is too excessive in women.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one non-invasive procedure to reduce hair growth. It is very popular lately. As a waxing replacement, Laser hair removal is useful for reducing or dwarfing unwanted hairs in certain parts of the body.

This procedure can be scheduled every 4 weeks. At Ultimo Clinic we have several packages ranging from 3 times, 6 times and 10 treatments. But we always recommend taking the 10 times-package to get an affordable price for Ultimo lovers.

Laser hair removal at Ultimo Clinic is not only for women but also for men. Our clients are often asking "how much is the price for hair removal treatment?" And "What tools are used at Ultimo Clinic?". The price for the treatment at Ultimo Clinic starts from IDR 220,000. As for the tools, Ultimo Clinic is using Soprano laser hair removal and Harmony Alma IPL Laser hair removal.


This process uses a local anesthetic cream so that the Ultimo Lovers don't feel any pain at all. The way these laser works is to destroy the hair roots by absorbing energy from the laser beam. The processing time of this technique is very dependent on the size of the area. Usually, it takes 8-10 treatments to reach maximum and permanent.

In the first attempt, it will reduce 10% of the body hairs. In the second attempt, it will reduce another 10% of the body hairs (20% in total) and it will be gradually increasing. At the end of the process, depending on which package you take, it will achieve the desired result; the hair will disappear evenly. After the treatment, the hair will not grow as before. it is much shorter and smoother.

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