Liposuction Post-Maternity, How Safe?

Liposuction Post-Maternity, How Safe?

Although already there and done since quite a long time abroad, plastic surgery post – maternity just starting practiced in Indonesia since the mid-90s.

dr. Enrina Diah, SpBP said, interest to shape the program back in an instant can be done postoperative Caesar is very large, especially those who are experiencing a drastic surge weight during pregnancy, or on top of about 18 kg. This is because, in addition to a faster process, often patients find more tangible results from plastic surgery rather than exercising regularly, to restore the body to its original size.

Regarding the process of post-partum liposuction which include breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck, dr. Enrina stated, that the operation should be performed three months after childbirth, either Caesar or normal. According to him, three months gives enough time for the uterus to return to its normal size. In addition, the wounds scar Caesar has also been recovered in that time span. And there are some other important considerations associated with it. During pregnancy, there is accumulation of fluid in the body. The muscles also stretch because of the size of the fetus grows. This will make the operation less than the maximum results if done before the recommended time, because the muscles are still slack will not succeed tensioned in a very short recovery time. “On the other hand, the condition of the body has not fully recovered may increase a patient’s risk is doubled,” said dr. Enrina, who is also the owner of Ultimo’s Aesthetic and Dental Center.

Balance with Exercise

Plastic surgery to get rid of body fat is indeed more requested by patients postpartum, but not least also the patient is not pregnant to come, which is having problems of excess weight. “Those who experience drastic weight loss after so many years were overweight also can undergo this surgical procedure, because they require a certain tightening on the skin that sagged due to the drastic weight change,” said dr. Enrina, adding that the age range of patients for this surgery is between 30-45 years.

Although there is no specific requirement for patients to be able to undergo a mommy makeover, some specific diseases that endanger the lives still need attention. Patients with a history of severe heart disease are advised not to undergo this surgical procedure, because it is too risky and harm him. Meanwhile, patients with hypertension and diabetes still have a chance, because the doctor will control blood sugar and blood pressure before surgery, to then be adjusted to the operating procedures.

Furthermore the mommy makeover, dr. Enrina explained that there are no special restrictions that need to be done of patients before and after plastic surgery. However, because this operation aims to restore pre-pregnancy weight, it would be nice if the patient is always trying to keep it, for example by keeping your diet and exercising regularly. He also added, that nursing and care of the children themselves is also effective in helping trim the excess weight post maternity.

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