MEN’S CLINIC – A Solution For Men's Problem.

MEN’S CLINIC – A Solution For Men's Problem.

When men get beyond 40's, they normally will experience clinical changes. It has similar conditions to Menopause, called Andropause. There is no real clinical sign to the transition.

Andropause, as in Menopause, is characterized by decreasing in the amount of hormones. Body changes occur gradually and are accompanied by changes in attitude, mood, fatigue, loss of sex drive and physical activity as well. Studies have shown a decrease in the hormone testosterone contributes to health risks such as heart disease and reduced bone strength.

Unlike Menopause, which generally occurs to women in their late 40's, Andropause occurs gradually over time. Behavior, psychological stress, alcohol, injury or surgery, treatment, obesity, and infection are some of the factors that can affect the transition period. The reason why andropause is hard to diagnose is because the symptoms are not clear and vary for each individual.

Blood tests for Andropause conditions can be done at Ultimo Men’s Clinic @ultimomensclinic.

Sexual dysfunction, including Erection Dysfunction (ED), is a disease characterized by the inability to start or maintain an erection. It can lead to unsatisfying sexual intercourse. If you are experienced this problem, it will affect many things, including your productivity. Generally, Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by 2 factors, psychological factors (psychogenic) and disruption in erectile tissue (organic). Both of those factors can be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, nerves, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

To fix ED problems caused by organic factors, we offer a special therapy that is not only utilizing the healthy tissues but also broken tissues (corpora cavernosa) as well.

Ultimo Clinic presents Men's Clinic. This therapy uses sound waves to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (neovascularization) in the Penis. This therapy has no side effects.

This therapy requires 4 sessions which will be conducted 1 session per week. Each session only takes about 15 minutes. In this therapy, a special device transmitting sound waves will be attached to several points on the patient's penis. This therapy has no side effects so it can be repeated every 6 months (It is recommended in advance to consult a doctor).

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