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Breast Surgery: Terms, Costs, and Risks – Ultimo Clinic

Breast Surgery

Although many do breast surgery to cure the disease, but this operation belongs to the beauty surgery, because many women who try to get the perfect breast shape through this way.

Some women lack self-confidence with small, flat breasts, therefore some of the way they go for appearance.

In fact they are willing to spend a lot of money to enlarge breasts.

However, have you thought about the danger of breast enlargement by surgery or implants? Yes, preferably before taking the way, you pay attention first hazards and side effects later on.

There are also terms or conditions of anyone who may perform breast surgery, because not all women can or are safe to use this way.

For more details, here’s the patient’s condition of surgery to enlarge breasts:

Breast Surgery
Healthy physical condition or not suffering from any disease. So, for those of you who suffer from heart disease, stroke and diabetes, as well as other serious illnesses, it is better not to do breast surgery, so as not to have a worse effect.
The breasts have gone through a period of growth. Before surgery to enlarge breasts, make sure that your breasts are completely finished growing. If it is still in its infancy but has already done surgery, it will bring another disease. So, the effort to enlarge the breasts by surgery is not recommended for teenagers who are still in the period of breast growth.
Right and left breast are not symmetrical. Some women experience this, because of many factors. Well, breast is asymmetrical certainly interfere with someone’s appearance is not it? therefore, implants or surgery to increase breast volume may be performed.
All three of the above conditions you must meet before performing breast surgery, but not just qualified, other considerations must also be done for the sake of a healthy body.

Well, these considerations can be helped by knowing the dangers of breast enlargement surgery. Here are some of the dangers or possibilities that occur when breast enlargement or implant surgery is performed.

Decreased Breastfeeding Ability
Although the size or volume of the breast is greater, but the capacity of breastfeeding for a breastfeeding mother does not increase, just the opposite. Yes, breast implants or surgery can inhibit milk production, even breastmilk that should be out will be inhibited, the fluid will not come out of your nipple.

So, for those of you who are in the period of breastfeeding or still want to have children, do not do breast enlargement surgery. Precisely with breastfeeding, breasts will enlarge by itself.

Breast Hardening
Breast surgery will have an impact on the physical condition of the breast itself, which is turned into hard. So unlike the original breast, like something is frozen then blend with the breast.

Toughness of the breast is also accompanied by pain or pain around the breast. So, avoid how to enlarge breasts by surgery if not really forced.

There was an infection
Infection is the most likely thing to happen when you decide to operate the breast. Especially if your breast skin is thin and sensitive. This is because the tools and drugs used for surgery do not match your skin.

So, preferably before surgery, make sure that your breast skin is thick, insensitive, and sterile surgery equipment.

After Surgery, Breasts Can Back Down
Who says breast implants will permanently change breast shape? Many have implants or surgery, but the breasts back smaller. This is caused by several things, such as implants are old, implants filled with too much or overfilling and because the silicone wrapping is not qualified.

That way, you have to do the implant again to breasts back enlarged. Of course this can happen repeatedly, so the expenses incurred even more swollen.

Blood Clots Around Implants
Clotting can occur around the implant some time after your breast enlargement surgery. It is included in the infection as well, but the infection is severe. It’s not all women experience these side effects, but for those who do, it should immediately make the appointment of implants.

Yes, removal of the implant should be done immediately when blood clots occur, otherwise the clumping will spread further.

Lots is not a risk that occurs if you do breast surgery? So, if not steady or not ready to accept the risk, you should do the natural ways. Although the natural or traditional way is not seinstan surgery, but at least various risks can be avoided.

Natural way can also be called as a solution for those of you who crave big breasts but do not want to be exposed to risk surgery enlarge breasts.

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