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Face & Neck Lift| FAQ

It is the surgical procedure to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. As you age, the skin and soft tissues of your face lose their elasticity and gravity begins to show its unwelcome effects. It also improves the strength and elasticity of soft tissue underneath the skin, as well as removes excess fat so that skin can look young and supple. This surgery normally takes between two to four hours and with local anesthesia with sedation. Recovery period ranges between one to three weeks after the surgery.

Ultimo Fat Transfer – Face Area| FAQ

Cell Therapy Face Lift also known as a Non Invasive Facelift is a new scientific breakthrough that basically utilizes the most modern and advanced medical technology available in the world today that is bringing us one step closer in our never-ending search for the elusive “Fountain of Youth”.

Cell Therapy Face Lift uses fat that is gently harvested from the thigh or abdomen. The specimens are then placed in a special centrifuge for separation of healthy fat and healthy stem cells from the oily breakdown of damaged fat cells.

Cell Therapy Center Indonesia have innovated and improved the Stem Cell face Lift technique to quickly and safely restore your youthful glow and appearance 100% naturally by using your adipose stem cells that are derived from your own fat or circulating blood without the risks of major surgery. Using your own unwanted fat derived stem cells, it is 100% safe with no chances of rejection and complications.

Endotine| FAQ

Endotine facial cosmetic procedure is based on a revolutionary technology that produces more natural results and reduced recovery time when compared to facelift procedures. That result is a more youthful, revitalized appearance.

For many people, the loss of shape and definition in their lower face can create the appearance of being old and out of shape. Fortunately, this appearance can be surgically corrected by repositioning the loosened skin and its connecting soft tissue toward the ears. There are a variety of methods that doctors can perform to accomplish this-ranging from short-lived treatment such as barbed sutures, to surgery that relies on single-point sutures to hold soft tissue in its new position. Now there is a new method called the Endotine Ribbon Lift.

Nano Fat| FAQ

The indications for fat grafting are increasing steadily. In microfat grafting, thin injection cannulas are used. The fat used for this purpose is processed into “nanofat.” Therefore, nanofat injections might become a new concept in the lipofilling area. In clinical situations, nanofat seems to be suitable for skin rejuvenation purposes.


Nanofat grafting was performed in 67 cases to correct superficial rhytides, scars, and dark lower eyelids. In the research study, three fat samples were analyzed. The first sample was a classic lipoaspirate (macrofat) and the second sample was microfat harvested with a multiport small-hole cannula. Last, the third one was microfat processed into nanofat. Processing consisted of emulsification and filtering of the lipoaspirate. Fat samples were analyzed for adipocyte viability. The stem cell quality was investigated by culturing the cells in standard and adipogenic media.


No viable adipocytes were observed in the nanofat sample. Adipose-derived stem cells were still richly present in the nanofat sample. Cell cultures showed an equal proliferation and differentiation capacity of the stem cells from the three samples. Clinical applications showed remarkable improvements in skin quality six months postoperatively. No infections, fat cysts, granulomas, or other unwanted side effects were observed.

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