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Gynecomastia| FAQ

What is gynecomastia? It’s a common endocrine disorder in which there is a benign enlargement of breast tissue in males caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It can cause emotional discomfort and impair self confidence. Most adolescent boys, up to 70%, have some breast development during puberty. The condition may occur in one or both breasts and begins as a small lump beneath the nipple, which may be tender. The breasts often enlarge unevenly. Though it’s a common problem among men, some may even avoid certain activities simply to hide their condition. Men and boys with gynecomastia sometimes have pain in their breasts and may feel embarrassed. It may go away on its own. If it persists, medication or surgery may help. Men who consider gynecomastia surgery may also consider reduction method which includes liposuction under sedation.

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