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Laser Hair Removal| FAQ

The latest technology that can remove your hair 95% permanently. Laser Pain-Free Hair Removal works painless and make your skin smooth and silky.

If you are saturated with shaving or waxing, and want to get smooth skin as soft as silk, Ultimo provides Soprano Pain-Free Hair Removal Laser treatment, to remove hair without anesthesia and without pain. 95% of your hair will be disappear permanently,

Having a smooth skin without hair is a dream of all women, With Soprano Pain-Free Hair Removal Laser treatment that we provide for you,  then your dream to have a smooth and well groomed skin will become a reality. Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment works very effectively in removing feathers like armpit hair, leg-hair and facial hair without injuring and free from irritation.

Ultimo Clinic is the best and trusted beauty clinic in Indonesia that provides perfect service with One Stop Beauty Solution concept which not only helps you to remove hair from your skin,

but also provide other skin care services such as removing tattoos, wrinkle, melisma, Scar, Stretchmark etc. Our Clinic are located in major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali

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