The Best Beauty Clinic In Indonesia

The Best Beauty Clinic In Indonesia

One-Stop Beauty Solution Concept

As the best beauty clinic in Indonesia, ULTIMO Clinic provides beauty care services and ensures customer satisfaction. It offers complete and attractive service packages ranging from skincare packages to plastic surgery packages, both for health purposes and to appear more confident.

ULTIMO Clinic provides beauty care and rejuvenation packages with the One-Stop Beauty Solution concept.

Ultimo Clinic Jakarta - The Best Beauty Clinic in Indonesia

The Pioneer of Beauty Clinics & State of The Art Technology

Supported by experienced skin specialists, state of the art medical technology equipment, and safe for health medicines, ULTIMO Clinic also provides a complete, modern, comfortable and comfortable beauty clinic facility with the best quality.

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ULTIMO Clinic has always been the pioneer of beauty clinics. It is the first clinic that has updated skin treatments such as Ultherapy, Laser Picosure, Legato, Thermi RF and TRU PRP in Indonesia. ULTIMO Clinic can be called the best beauty clinic in Indonesia that is handled by a team of skin specialists who are well-known experts in skincare treatments, hair loss treatment, anti-aging treatments ranging from concoction creams and supported therapies that will be adjusted to the needs of patients.

dr. Enrina Diah, Sp.BP-RE, KKF is demonstrating a procedure at Ultimo Clinic

Picosure Laser Treatment

ULTIMO Clinic uses Picosure® the most advanced laser treatments. It serves to solve skin problems such as acne problems, acne scars, stretch marks, baldness, and even tattoo removal. This beauty clinic, located in strategic areas in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, and Denpasar. It was founded and developed by a plastic surgeon who also specializes in international class craniofacial. Therefore, this beauty clinic guarantees customer satisfaction through excellent service quality.

Launching Picosure 27 Oktober 2015
dr. Enrina Diah, Sp.BP-RE, KKF is performing Picosure treatment to a patient

ULTIMO Clinic is the best beauty clinic in Indonesia that offers excellent, comfortable, exclusive and modern services for your health and beauty problems.

Because at ULTIMO Clinic, "We believe that everyone can look Healthy, Fresh, Youthful, and Attractive" - ULTIMO Clinic

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