Thigh Lift Surgery Explained - An Overview

Thigh Lift Surgery Explained - An Overview

The Thigh Lift Surgery is the fastest way to get pretty thighs. But many of us may wonder if the procedure is safe? Keep reading, guys! In this article, we will cover about thigh lift surgery.

The thigh is a part of the body that is often becoming a fat deposit. As we get older, the shape of the thigh changes, becoming enlarged and sagging. Thus, many ways are taken to maintain and form a slender, sturdy and smooth thigh.

Thigh lift makes the thigh's skin and shape become instantly good. The thigh lift is also a part of body contouring or body lifting. This action can improve the shape, tightening the skin around the thighs. The result is the thighs look slim and tight.

The thigh lift result

The Procedure

Patients can do this surgery together with liposuction to remove any excess fat and skin on the thighs.

There are 3 types of thigh lift operations:

  1. Inner Thigh lift: surgery on the inner thigh
  2. Bilateral thigh lift: surgery on the quadriceps and outside
  3. Medial thigh lift: the upper thigh surgery
Types of Thigh Lifts
Medial Thigh Lifts
Types of Thigh Lift
Medial Thigh Lift & Extended Media Thigh Lift
Extended Medial Thigh Lift

Before deciding to do this procedure, you should consult with a plastic surgeon first so that the patient can discuss and also to determine whether the patient is suitable for which type of thigh lift procedure.

The duration of the thigh lift procedure takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

The best thigh lift candidates are those who have excess fat and skin in the thigh area or those who have a less attractive thigh shape. In addition, patients must also have excellent physical and mental health. Also, they must have realistic expectations about what can be expected from this operation.

Possible Side Effects?

Possible side effects of thigh lift surgery are bruised, swollen, tender and sensitive to the touch. If the patient has a keloid talent, sometimes there are surgical scars such as hypertrophic scarring or keloids.

Recovery time from thigh lift surgery?

The patient can see the different shape of the thigh after surgery, however, it may experience swelling and may require treatment for several days to help the healing process. During the recovery period, patients must use a special corset for 4 weeks to reduce swelling and pain.

The patient can return to work after approximately 1-2 weeks. Moderate physical activity can be done after 4 to 6 weeks or more. The results of this operation will be permanent if supported by a healthy lifestyle.

Well, is your thighs lose? let's consult immediately with our plastic surgeon now.

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