Tightening The Vagina With ThermiVa

Tightening The Vagina With ThermiVa

Many women may have problems with their sexual organs such as loose vagina that makes a big drop in sexual satisfaction. Thermiva exists to solve these problems. But the question is how does it help women in tightening the vagina? Let's check this article to find out!

It is undeniable that a healthy and satisfying sexual life has a big influence on the balance of life.

A healthy sexual life depends on the healthy reproductive system.

But unfortunately, there can be various problems in the female reproductive system that can cause problems in married life and even difficulty undergoing daily activities. A woman's reproductive system will definitely experience many changes throughout her life which are mainly due to the ageing process, pregnancy and childbirth. The ageing process contributes to reducing collagen production which results in a lack of firmness of the vagina and supporting tissues.

Problems like the loosened vagina muscles that make a drastic drop in sexual satisfaction, bad vaginal shape, and even related problems such as urinary incontinence problems are really obstacles for modern women who have a lot of activities.

The female sexual organs are basically attached to the pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy, childbirth and the ageing process cause looseness of the pelvic floor muscles which can result in the problems above. Apart from impaired sexual function, the visual aesthetics of intimate organs can be affected and it can cause insecurity.

Childbirth and the ageing process cause changes that can affect the health of the female sexual organs. Childbirth will weaken the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles which then interfere with its functions. The effects of menopause can also cause physical and functional changes, such as excessive vaginal dryness. Both of these situations can make a woman insecure.

Thermiva exists to provide solutions for women to raise self-confidence and strengthen relationships with partners. Thermiva is a feminine treatment that uses radiofrequency as a collagen generator for the vaginal area. Radiofrequency gently heats tissues to restore and revive vaginal health, without causing discomfort during treatment or after treatment. Thermiva uses a special wand applicator that can enter the labia and vulva of the to restore tissue. The result is tightening in the vagina muscles.

Thermiva's Wand
Thermiva's Procedure

Below are ThermiVa's advantages:

  • Non-invasive procedure.
  • No waiting time to see the results.
  • It doesn't use any anaesthesia solutions.
  • Comfortable and safe to use.
  • Quick treatment, the duration is only 30 mins/treatment.
  • Can do the sexual activity right after treatment
  • The results can be seen in the first and second steps after the treatment, and the maximum results can be expected in the third work.
  • The result lasts for a long time

Who are the right candidates to do Thermiva treatment?

  1. A woman who had normal childbirth.
  2. Sexually active.
  3. Experiencing vaginal dryness during sex (or often requires the help of a lubricant).
  4. Having urinary incontinence problems or frequent difficulty controlling urination.
  5. Loosened vaginal muscles.
  6. Approaching menopause or those who have experienced menopause.
  7. Having problems in orgasm

For women who have such problems, make an appointment with our doctor now and get your sexual satisfaction back.

Book an appointment via the following link: https://ultimoclinic.com/appointments/

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