Tummy Tuck: Understanding, Benefits, and Risks

Tummy Tuck: Understanding, Benefits, and Risks

Tummy Tuck is an instant and practical way to get a perfect stomach. Have you heard about this? Some people may also recognize it by its medical term - Abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is a medical procedure to reduce fat in the stomach by surgery.

One of the many things that makes a person less confident is having a distended stomach. No one wants to have a distended stomach, does it not? Not only that, the distended stomach can cause various diseases such as stroke, heart, diabetes and many more.

Not only that, the distended stomach can cause various diseases such as stroke, heart, diabetes and many more.

Well, for these reasons, many people are trying to flatten their stomach so that fat deposits disappear in many ways.

The most common way people do to flatten the stomach is to consume drugs or herbal slimming treatment, regular exercise and diet set. However, they do not give effect instantly, you need to do it repeatedly regularly.

2 methods that help you to remove excess skin and flatten your stomach are Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. So what makes them different?

Liposuction is a procedure to get rid of fat in the abdomen instantly. However, the muscles and skin of the stomach can not be tightened.

While Tummy Tuck is a procedure to pull the muscles and sagged abdominal skin, then the excess of the skin will be removed. So, no more abdominal skin that appears hanging or sagging.

Tummy Tuck surgery or abdominal surgery is mostly done by women. Because, essentially, it is women who want to always look beautiful and slim. However, many men also do Tummy Tuck to remove fat in the abdomen for health reasons.

Not everyone can do this surgery because based on experience, Tummy Tuck is considered a major surgery.

Who is allowed and not allowed to do Tummy Tuck? 

For Those Who Have Difficulty In Eliminating Stomach Fat

For those of you who do have excess fat in the stomach and have difficulty in removing it, You are allowed to do Tummy Tuck. This means you’ve done a variety of ways, ranging from improving diet, regular exercise and consume various drugs and traditional herbal medicine.

In other words, Tummy Tuck should be considered as a last resort to shrink your stomach. You are advised to consult the doctor before for a detailed examination.

Usually, doctors will suggest a mild way first, such as exercise, diet and taking medication. But if the method does not work for a long time, then the doctor will suggest more extreme ways, such as stomach surgery.

People Who Have Serious Diseases Are Not Allowed

Tummy Tuck should be undertaken by someone who is physically healthy. For those of you who suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and others, are not allowed to undergo Tummy Tuck, because it will risk the disease suffered.

So, before doing the surgery, we advise you to check your health, make sure that you are in good shape, fit and free of disease, especially severe illness. If you have some severe illnesses, do other safer ways, such as exercise and diet.

Only For Women Who Do Not Want To Get Pregnant Again

Not all women are allowed to do this surgery. Yes, for those of you who have not had children or still want to have children, you should not get Tummy Tuck surgery.

Why is that? The surgery will pull and remove excess skin and abdominal muscles to tighten. Well, if you get pregnant, the stomach will get big and loose. It makes all of the effort that has ever done will be in vain. Generally, stomach surgery performed by postpartum mothers who are not planning to have more children.

So, if you want to perform abdominal surgery, consider those things first to keep yourself safe.

Since many mothers do Tummy Tuck surgery after delivery, many think that the surgery is performed during the Caesarean section. Is it safe? Of course not, it would be very risky.

Do you want to know the risks of Tummy Tuck if performed concurrently with giving birth?

For those of you who do Tummy Tuck after Caesarean section, you may be at risk for severe bleeding. This, of course, causes less blood and fluid. Blood vessel is blocked by lots of fat.

Stomach tissue after labor or after a cesarean section is still very soft, so it is quite risky if you do Tummy Tuck surgery. It is better to wait for up to half a year or one year after giving birth to make sure the stomach tissue is really strong and ready to do Tummy Tuck surgery.

Performing Tummy Tuck after giving birth will have an impact on milk production. This is because fat tissue in the breast is related to fat tissue in the stomach. So, milk production will decrease or even does not come out at all.

Now, you know the requirements and dangers of Tummy Tuck surgery performed concurrently with giving birth. You also need to know what to do after a tummy tuck.

  • Wear a corset after surgery for 2 to 3 months. If you don't like wearing it for 3 months, you can wear it for only 3 weeks, but of course the results will be different.
  • Do not move much after surgery, you will be able to walk 3 days after surgery. Because the first 5 days you have to lie down. Heavy activities can only be carried out after 3 months of operation.
  • Apply a healthy lifestyle, set your diet, exercise time, and good sleep, so that the stomach does not bulge again. Yes, even after surgery, the possibility of fat accumulated in the stomach still exists if you do not adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So, can you do Tummy Tuck surgery more than once? Of course you can, with the condition that the period of the first operation with subsequent operations is more than 1 year. However, this method should be done only once.

So, in order to stay slim and keep you away from revision surgery, you should apply the procedures or treatments that have been described above, by wearing a corset, not doing strenuous activities after surgery and doing a healthy lifestyle.

Tummy Tuck alone won't get the result you are expected, you have to pay attention to the terms, conditions and side effects.

With that in mind, Tummy Tuck can be done safely. And particularly, you will get a flat and beauty stomach.

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