Exilis Treatment - A Painless Way To Get V-Shaped Face

Exilis Treatment - A Painless Way To Get V-Shaped Face

Ask every woman in the world and they would probably answer the same answer - they wanted a v-shaped face with elastic texture and free from chubby cheeks. Especially in an era where everything is sophisticated and in an era where social media is responsible for making a v-shaped face as a new beauty standard. It is no wonder many women are trying to achieve that v-shaped face.

Generally, there are 2 ways to achieve the v-shaped look: Surgical and Non-Surgical treatment. And Exilis is a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) waves to shape and tighten the face and neck. Not only that, but Exilis also can be used for slimming the body by breaking down certain fats.

Ultimo Clinic has 4 branches spread across several cities in Indonesia which located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Tangerang. And we are pleased to inform you that Ultimo Clinic provides Exilis treatment in every branch. So, Ultimo Lovers can visit the nearest branch and try this treatment.

How many times does Exilis treatment get maximum results? Exilis is a very good treatment done routinely. We recommend this treatment to be done every 1 or 2 weeks. Exilis treatment can actually help to delay or even eliminate the need for surgery (such as liposuction). Exilis is recommended for clients/patients who have low and moderate fat deposits or for patients who do not want to do Lipoplasty.

The applicator consists of two:

Body Contouring (Large applicator) Serves to:
• Reducing the volume of fat.
• Reduces cellulite.
• Tighten the skin and have anti-aging effects.
• The skin is smoother and looks easier.
• The skin is smoother and looks younger.

Face Application (Small applicator) Works for:
• Skin tightening.
• Improve skin texture.
• Reduces wrinkles.
• Tighten the skin and have anti-aging effects.
• The skin is smoother and looks younger.
• Increase collagen production In the process, it will feel a warm sensation by the patient.

The ideal temperature for fat burning is 40-43 degrees Celsius.

The patient may feel a warm or hot sensation depending on the sensitivity of the skin and that is normal. This treatment will be carried out by our nurses who have been trained well by experienced doctors.

For body contouring or slimming purpose, each person has varied results - around 1-3cm with only one treatment. As for the face, the applicator used is a small applicator that serves to tighten, eliminate wrinkles, anti-aging, improve skin texture and so on.

The duration for face application will be around 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes. It is because the treatment on the face is fairly detailed, so it requires a longer time compared to other body parts.

The solution that Ultimo Clinic uses for face treatment does not use mineral oil like we do to other parts but instead uses a gel (ultrasound gel). This aims to reduce the heat flowed from the applicator to the skin so that the patient/client's skin is protected during the treatment process.

The program is best done within the ideal 7-14 days from the first treatment. Normally, the patient will get the result in 4 treatment sessions.

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