Whitening Cream, Is It Really Dangerous?

Whitening Cream, Is It Really Dangerous?

Whitening Cream - Since ancient times to the present, women generally crave to have white skin. Manufacturers of whitening creams are increasingly competing to market all forms of face whitening creams.

Facial creams in terms of cosmetics are generally categorized into several types, including vanishing cream (including sunscreen), moisturizing cream, foundation cream, night cream, cleansing cream, cooling cream (soothing cream), and eye cream. The night cream is also known as a nutritional cream because it usually contains various components of active ingredients that are formulated for the treatment and can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. The contained ingredients can be in the form of natural ingredients such as herbal ingredients or in the form of artificial chemical compounds with treatment effects, one of which is the effect of whitening the face.

Facial whitening ingredients in skin whitening cream include mercury, hydroquinone (HQ), vitamin A derivatives (retinoic acid), ascorbic acid, arbutin, kojic acid, α-hydroxy acid (AHA), and others. Mercury has been banned for many causes of side effects that trigger a malignancy. HQ is also another whitening ingredient, categorized as the best bleach that can still be used today. The use of HQ with levels below 2% can be found in some products that are sold freely. However, in long-term use, HQ is not safe because it has toxic effects on melanocytes.

The most common reaction found from the use of whitening creams is skin irritation or allergies. Skin becomes red, hot, sore, and/or itchy, thinning of the skin, the appearance of small blood vessels under the skin, growth of fine hairs, or other forms of pigmentation due to the composition of the active ingredients contained in the bleach called ochronosis. Ochronosis treatment will be more difficult and longer so it is very important to be prevented before they occur.
If we know some of the reactions from using whitening creams as listed above, is it safe if we use "Skin Whitening Cream"?

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